– More than you can imagine, – answers the grandmother.
– Who created all those tales? – Birutė wants to know.
– People who have lived in Lithuania for centuries. Everything they saw or felt was an inspiration for a story that was later shared with others. Even now we could create our own fairytale about decorating these eggs.
– It would be amazing to have our own fairytale! – Gediminas cheers.
– Tell us one of your grandmother's stories. I would like to travel somewhere right now, - Birutė asks brightly. The egg she is holding suddenly falls on the floor and cracks. Their cat jumps off the table and happily gulps down the egg. Everyone finds this very amusing.
– Alright, I will tell you a story, just don't break any more eggs, or we won't have anything for the Easter morning.
She gives one more egg to Birutė, another one to Gediminas, and takes one for herself. As she starts to decorate her egg, she begins a story:
– Let's travel to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. A long time ago the Duke, Gediminas, had a prophetic dream.